The attorneys at Katz Barsky have a wealth of business experience and can advise you on all aspects of investing and business formation. Our business and investment practice focuses on providing strategic legal and business advice to property owners, investors, developers, landlords, lenders, entrepreneurs, etc. We also help our clients create and structure their businesses and organizations to maximize tax-benefits and limit personal liability.

Our job is to ensure that everything in your business is in place and operating at maximum efficiency. In addition to our own services, we have formed strategic partnerships with a variety of outside professionals, such as accountants, lenders, and property managers that we can recommend to get you the help you need and to put you in a position to be successful. These relationships allow us to manage and handle all aspects of your business.

Where we separate ourselves from other law firms and offer the most value to our clients is through our accessibility and cost-effective approach. We will spend time with you to gain a clear understanding of your goals and potential obstacles. Through all stages of handling your matter, we provide a client-focused service that prioritizes efficiency to achieve your business objectives.

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Philadelphia, PA 19102

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